SINCE 1999

For 25 years Roborise-It & Edacom team have been working with teachers and students to deliver playful learning experiences that bring subjects to life in the classroom and make learning fun and impactful. Thousands children all around the world study robotics according to our curriculums based on WeDo 2.0, SPIKE™ Prime and Mindstorms EV3 sets. Thanks to our materials, teams take prizes at WRO competitions - since 2009. We have experience and we are ready to share it!



We divided curriculums into 4 categories. For the education children from 6 to 9 years old - curriculums based on LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 set. For older children - curriculums based on SPIKE™ Prime and Mindstorms EV3. These courses are more complex and require more diligence. We also develop curriculums for participating in World Olympiads. There you will find all the necessary information to prepare your team in the best way! And a separate category - Special Projects. It is interesting lessons not included into the courses. They are developed on the WeDo 2.0, SPIKE™ Prime and Mindstorm EV3 sets.


At the heart of Roborise-it educational products lies the concept of 4C - learning through action. All our training programs are aimed at obtaining practical knowledge through the solution of interesting, understandable assignments for students. High motivation for learning is achieved through an interactive engineering-game format.

The four phases are:

  • Connect: the topic or task is introduced, allowing students to ask clarifying questions and build on their existing knowledge.
  • Construct: every task includes a building activity to promote experimentation with collaboration and construct artefacts that can be recalled later.
  • Contemplate: students consider what has been learned and share insights with each other.
  • Continue: every task ends with a new task that builds on what has just been learned, keeping students motivated and curious.
I have been teaching with LEGO products for a very long time. Before Mindstorms RCX, we were using LEGO Dacta products at Futurekids etc. I used lots of books, tested lots of web sites for rcx, nxt and ev3. To be honest, Roborise-it content is the best I have ever seen.It all starts with a story which kids love to hear, then there are videos and photos about the real world examples. After that, background info about the project followed by a science concept like gear ratios. The building instructions are great. They fit properly and very sturdy. Once you finish the project, there are a few upgrades, for the curious ones. Nice worksheets and mini pop quizes. At the end again followed bu videos of the project during upgrade process.For those who are looking for new projects, I highly recommend.
Mert Balın