For creating most of our robots from Xtreme Engineering and Robotics 3.0 courses we use some additional LEGO parts. It makes robots more functional, more interesting for children and much more variative.
Additional parts may be divaded on two groups:

  • LEGO parts
  • Electronic components (not included in Power Pack)

LEGO parts

Light Bluish Gray Technic Turntable Large Type 2, Complete Assembly with Black Outside Gear Section 4624645 1
Dark Bluish Gray Technic Wedge Belt Wheel (Pulley) 4587275 8
Black Technic Wedge Belt Wheel Tire 6028041 8
Technic, Ball, Steel (fits 92911) 6079570 (6023956) 1
Black Technic, Gear 20 Tooth Double Bevel 4177430 1
Dark Bluish Gray Technic, Gear 8 Tooth Type 2 6012451 2
Red Technic, Link Tread Attachment, Rubber 6036424 52
Black Technic, Link Tread Wide with Two Pin Holes 6014648 21
Black Technic, Pin Connector Toggle Joint Smooth Double with Axle and Pin Holes 4558692 1
Blue Technic, Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise 4514553 10
Black Tire 14mm D. x 6mm Solid Smooth 4246901 4
Black Tire 62.4mm D. x 20mm 4547373 4
Light Bluish Gray Wheel 43.2mm D. x 18mm 4551421 4
Black Technic, Panel Plate 1 x 5 x 11 4566243 10

Electronic components

Electronics are available from local LEGO Education dealers (not included in Power Pack).

Connector Cable, 25cm 6024581 1
EV3 Medium Motor 6008577 1
EV3 Color Sensor 6008919 1
EV3 Infrared Sensor 6009811 1
EV3 Infrared Beacon / Remote Control 6014051 1

One ROBORISEIT Power Pack consist of:

Power Pack Partlist